The comment we hear most often when our clients have a problem is “thank you for calling me back”. Our industry has more than its fair share of contractors who are happy to take your money but can’t be found if you have a problem. We’ve built long term relationships with clients by providing strong customer support and one of our most distinguishing features is our worry-free warranty.

Our clients know they’re getting high-quality materials, expertly installed, with the craftsmanship only an experienced design-build firm can provide. But occasionally, a light goes out or a plant dies and that’s where our comprehensive warranty comes in. We maintain detailed records of your installation and one call to our office gets you scheduled for our technicians to come out and address your concern. Atlantic Ridge has been servicing clients for over 20 years; we’re not going anywhere and we’ll always call you back. We’ll be here to handle all of your warranty needs. Click below to download a copy of our full warranty agreement.

How you know it's time for an upgrade...

You want to raise the value of your property.
You’re looking for more reasons to go outside.
Your backyard is a little lackluster and overgrown.