Professional Design

Detailed integration

You know when you’re in a well-designed landscape. It flows through space and allows you to maximize the use of your home and highlight its features. Our team doesn’t start designing until they’ve met with you and understand how you expect to use your space. Details matter, and our landscaping services use all of your details to create a design that is integrated with your lifestyle. Check out the full details of our design process here.

Benefits of working with a professional:

Craft a landscape that fits your lifestyle.
Maximize and highlight your space.
Do it right the first time and avoid costly mistakes.

Why choose Atlantic Ridge Design and Build?

We are detail-oriented and focused on your project.
Our years of experience give us an edge.
We work in all facets of landscaping.


Beauty that endures

There’s a reason the patio is one of the most-beloved landscaping features. Patios and walkways provide the foundation for outdoor living! Their versatility, longevity, and enduring beauty make them our most requested hardscaping service. Whether you want an architectural sitting wall or need a retaining wall for structural support, our team will create a hardscape design to encompass all of your hardscaping needs.



A variety of designs, uses, and options.


Durable and lasting for years to come.


Elevate your landscape to match your style.

Kitchens & Grill Islands

A great expansion

We are a nation of grillers! Outdoor kitchens expand your living space, increase your home’s value and vastly improve your entertainment game. Our team designs and installs outdoor kitchens ranging from simple grill islands to an expansive galleys with every appliance. Bring the heart of home outside with you, and everyone will surely follow.

Water & Fire


Be more in touch with nature and connect to your roots with water and fire features. Our team can design custom features for you, such as water rocks, koi ponds, fire tables, and rustic fire pits. Our designs will be able to fit both your aesthetic and your budget.

Why consider a water feature?

The sound of water can lower stress.
It can also refresh the air we breathe.
Finally, it reduces neighborhood noises.

Why consider a fire feature?

It creates an inviting ambience.
It’s an excellent source of warmth.
The dancing flames add flair to your space.

Custom Decks

And Woodworking

Wooden decks, with their warmth and beauty, add architectural interest to a backyard like nothing else. An elevated deck can offer a better view and connect the different areas of your yard while extending your outdoor living space. Our team can design a deck completely customized to your space and make the most of your unique property.

Better Views
An elevated deck offers better views.
Connect different areas of your yard.

Living Space

Extend your outdoor living space.

Pools & Spas

Luxury at home

Whether you’ve dreamed of tranquil dips under the stars or want to turn your backyard into a family destination, custom pools and spas have come to define at home luxury. Pool features like beach entries, vanishing edges, sun shelves, and lighting can transform your home into a backyard paradise. Our team can design a ‘vacation at home’ experience when you’re ready to take the plunge.

Roof & Shade


Rain and glaring sunshine are unwelcome guests at many backyard cookouts. Custom pavilions, pergolas and roofs offer an elegant solution. Shade structures extend the use of your patio, deck, outdoor kitchen and landscape features by providing protection from the elements during every season.

What are the benefits of shade structures?

Receive shade from glaring sunshine.​
Protection from the elements year-round.
Extend the use of your outdoor features.

Different types of shade structures:


Custom Lighting

Beauty and security

You want your property to look and feel both beautiful and secure, no matter the time of day. Custom lighting enhances the natural beauty and features of your property and provides an extra security measure for your family and guests. Our LED lights and systems allow us to create beautiful, functional lighting designs that are low maintenance, use less energy and last much longer than incandescent or halogen lights. LED lights use 85% less energy than traditional lights and we provide a lifetime warranty.

Low Maintenance
The lights do all the work so you don’t have to.
Less Energy
LED lights use less energry than traditional lights.
Long Lasting
We provide a lifetime warranty.